Vision Board Goals For 2021

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Vision Board Goals For 2021

So what is a vision board?  Well, a vision board is basically a visual representation of your goals and your intentions and the idea is to surround yourself with the images of your ideal life, who you want to become, how you want to feel, what you want to have, where you want to live, what holidays you want and so on.  Having this vision board is to bring these goals and intentions to life.   In order to attract what you truly want, you have to be able to believe it, see it, feel it and just totally embody it.

Why do we do vision boards, and do they really work?

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Visualisation is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do.  Whether you believe it or not, visualisation works.  If you haven’t read the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, then I highly recommend it.  It is a self help book based on the belief of the law of attraction, which claims that thoughts can change a person’s life.  The secret goes through old traditions, found in literature, religions and philosophies throughout the centuries.  You learn how to use the Secret in every aspect of your life and you learn to understand that the power is within you to live a life you want to live.

Lets start with your life goals

Firstly you need to set your goals in life.   Set a good chunk of time aside without any distractions, and really dig deep into your desires in life.  If you have yet seen it, check out my blog on “Why Goal Setting Is Important”


Think about your relationships, what do you want out of your relationships.  Then your career, what do you see yourself doing, how does it make you feel, really go deep into how you are going to feel when you are doing the career of your dreams.  What about your finances, how do you want them to look like.  How will you feel when you have all the money you need to be able to have the freedom in life that you want.  Perhaps you want to be able to give to a specific charity, imagine how you will feel being able to have all the finances available to help your favourite charity.

Mindset/Personal Growth/Health

What about your personal growth, what do you want to change or what do you want to do with regards to your personal growth, how will you feel when you’ve reached your full potential with learning.  What about your health, maybe you want to get into yoga, or join in some sort of retreat.  Maybe you want to change your eating habits and live a cleaner lifestyle so that you have no future health issues.  How would you feel when you are at your peak fitness, and health.


Vision Board Goals For 2021

Then there are tangible things you may want, where do you want to live, maybe by the sea?  Or perhaps you are a countryside person who likes to hike and do trails. What do you want in your house?  What sort of car do you want?  Maybe you want to revamp your wardrobe, perhaps you are into designer clothes and want to have labelled clothing?   Do you want to travel?  Where do you want to go on holidays, how will you feel when you can just go online and choose your next holiday destination and book it without worry.

Write down everything you desire, and write down your intentions.  In another post I will go through specific goal setting, but for the purpose of your vision board, write down your goals, then we are going to find pictures which represent your goals.

Finding your pictures

In the past we have usually had to rely on magazines to collect pictures, which was costly and also took time as not a lot had the pics you had in your mind, but now in our digital age we can rely on our friend google.  The internet gives you a wider range to search in and you can be quite specific when looking in order to get visuals near exact to your vision.

Find some relevant quotes, and print those out.  You may have some memorabilia that brings back good memories – postcards, stickers, a lucky feather or similar, to give you the good feelings when you look at your vision board.

Vision Board Goals For 2021

Plan your board

Once you have your pictures, and the added extra’s you may have,  you need to plan your board.  Your board could be anything from a simple cork board, to maybe a picture frame.  You can even use a piece of cardboard, it really doesn’t matter what you put it on, just so long as you have a clear space to arrange the pictures on, which you can then have on display.  Take time to arrange the pictures you have chosen, in a way that is going to appeal to you and in a way that makes you feel good when you look at it each day.

Vision Board Goals For 2021

Make your board work for you

Finally, once you’ve arranged your vision board, and are happy with it, you need to find a place to put it where you can see it each day.   Maybe by your bed, or above your mirror or even by your desk, just so long as you get to see it each day.  Being able to view your vision board each day will actually strengthen and stimulate your emotions because your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation and your emotions are the vibrational energy that activates the law of attraction.  When you are able to visualise your dreams, goals and desires and live as if they are your reality then there is no end of possibilities of what life holds in store for you.

Happy visioning …..

Debs x



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