Mindset – 2 Words That Will Change Your Life & Your Business

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So today I wanted to talk about two words which can change your life and business.  One of the words is on the positive side, and the other one is one we absolutely need to remove from our dictionary!

Positive first …

Lets start with the positives shall we ….  So, this first word is YET.  We all need to absolutely embrace this word YET.  Write this word down.  This word is one of the most powerful words for your life and your business.  So here’s a thing, what most people are like (again in both life and business) wen they are talking about say their business,  ah my business is not taking off, I don’t have any leads, I’m not good enough at this, etc etc….  but imagine, if with every sentence you say negatively, you add on the word YET.  For example, my business is not taking off … YET, I don’t have any leads YET, I’m not good enough at this YET.  See how it changes and how powerful it makes that sentence, it is changing your mindset and making it a positive, you are looking to the future.Mindset - 2 Words That Will Change Your Life & Your Business

You know what, no matter what you do or what you start in life, no matter what journey you are on, we all have to start somewhere and most of us have no idea how to do it YET, but you know what, we’ll figure it out, if you have a positive mindset and you use that word YET!  You are putting it out there and you are saying to the universe that it is actually going to happen, you just haven’t gotten there YET.  Your business is going to take off, you are going to get those leads, you are good enough, it just hasn’t happened yet.

The negative …

So whats the other words you ask?  The other word which can also change your life and one we absolutely need to get rid of from our vocabulary.  Its CAN’T!   Here’s how its used, I just can’t seem to get my business to work for me, I can’t do lives, I can’t meet new people, I just cant do it! Mindset - 2 Words That Will Change Your Life & Your Business

You are holding yourself back, you are stopping yourself from moving forward by saying I CAN’T.  Remember what we are putting out there in the universe, we are actually creating for ourselves.  So instead of saying I I’m not there yet, people are like I can’t do it!  Get rid of that word!  Don’t allow it out of your mouth!  Other word which are similar and we need to stop using, are words like overwhelmed or stuck.  When you put those words out there it happens, so when you say you’re overwhelmed, then yes you are always going to be overwhelmed.  If you say you are stuck, then you are going to be stuck.  If they are in your head they are going to find a way to happen in your life.

Use the word YET, and get rid of the word CAN’T!  I am not there YET, but hell I am absolutely going to be, it just hasn’t happened YET

Change your self talk …

People generally talk to themselves everyday, but they can talk to themselves really badly.  Someone I know used this example I am going to give you which I think is an example, imagine speaking to your child like you talk to yourself…  imagine if you were walking down the street and just ahead of youMindset - 2 Words That Will Change Your Life & Your Business there was a parent and their child and that parent was telling their child that they were useless, they were never going to make it in life, they were not smart enough, just not good enough… You’d be like Oh my god that is so wrong, how can that parent ruin their child like that… Yet you talk to your self like that all day long!  Its wrong!  It all starts in your head and it takes practice and skill to stop thinking negatively.  If you hear yourself saying or thinking those negative words you need to consciously stop them.  We don’t say CAN’t, stuck or even overwhelmed.  It may not have happened for you, but it hasn’t happened YET!  You can learn all the tricks of the trade on how to grow your business and get leads and prospects, but if you don’t have the right mindset it just wont happen for you!

So remember …

So I will leave it there for you!  Remember those two words, YET & CAN’T, add the yet and drop the can’t!  Have an awesome week ahead lovely people, and chat again soon

Debs x


8 thoughts on “Mindset – 2 Words That Will Change Your Life & Your Business”

  1. Hi Debs, I agree with you about these two words and the way we daily impact our self, but life, our family, and business by talking positively or negatively. You right, these words are powerful if we use them rightly. And, I like the fact that you mention here how significant is the fact we educate and talk to our kids. As a mother, I try to give my best to raise my daughter with a positive approach.

    Thank you for sharing


    • Hi Alketa, thanks for your comment.  I’m so with you on how we educate our kids in positivity, the other day (well a few months ago lol) a friend of mine mentioned that her 5 year old came home from school one day and told her all about how they learnt about the word “Yet”   I was so impressed that they were talking about this already at such a young age, just wonderful! 

      Thanks again Alketa

      Best wishes, Debs

  2. Hi Debs
    Thanks for sharing your views on the two extreme words – yet and can’t .I have really not yet bothered to watch earlier the power of “yet”. I tried it with different negative sentences and to my surprise all sentences became super powerful .Similar is the word “can’t” which I am going to abolish all my future sentences. This simple trick is able to change the complete mind set and is very effective and useful .Thanks for sharing your thought
    Thanks and regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hi Gaurav

      The mind is a powerful tool, and it is so important to watch what information we give it.  Changing those two words will have an amazing affect.

      Best wishes


  3. Something that has worked for me is being positive every day (keeping a positivity journal is a great idea). Just as we’ve learned to think negative thoughts, we can learn to think positive ones too. I think a positivity journal is a fun and creative way to practice positive thinking and focus on the bright side of our life.

    • Absolutely Paolo 🙂  I love my gratitude journal, its great for reminding you of all the good things, and reminding you of everything you have to be grateful for.  Thanks for taking the time to read and comment 🙂

      All the best


  4. Hi Debs. Thank you for explaining the power of those two words and giving us examples of what they can do. It seems to me that the underlying power is in the mind-set. Look how adding ‘yet’ changes the seemingly negative outlook to one of hope and expectation and ambition. I think I have mastered the elimination of ‘can’t’. I used to use it a lot but I learned about the effect it has on my moving forward. Thank you for the lessons especially the ‘yet’ that I need to start using. Point well made.

    • I love that JJ, thanks for taking the time to read the post, and commenting.  Yes its amazing how two small words can have such a massive impact on ones mind set.  🙂

      All the best

      Debs 🙂 


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