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I want to tell you about three supplements that will help with sleep.  On average, adults need about 7 to 9 hours sleep a night, and children need about 9 to 13 hours.  If you are still tired during the day then you are probably not getting enough sleep at night.    There are many common causes for lack of sleep, and they are:Supplements that help with Sleep Health

  • Stress and anxiety or depression
  • noise
  • a room that’s too hot or cold
  • uncomfortable beds
  • alcohol, caffeine or nicotine
  • recreational drugs like cocaine or ecstasy
  • jet lag
  • shift work

I don’t know about you, but with this Covid 19 pandemic  going on at the moment and the various different tiers of lockdown, it seems to have played around with my sleep routine, it takes me ages to eventually fall asleep, and then when I do, I am very restless during the night and tend to wake up often, which can then turn into a habit.  It can all turn into a bit of a vicious circle and that’s how I came across these three ingredients which help with sleep.

Let me introduce you to Gaba, L-Thianine and Melatonin…


What is GABA?

So lets have a look at GABA, and what GABA actually is…  GABA is short for Gamma aminobutyric acid and is a naturally occurring amino acid that works as a neurotransmitter in your brain. Neurotransmitters function as chemical messengers and GABA is considered an inhibitory neurotransmitter because it blocks, or inhibits, certain brain signals and decreases activity in your nervous system, calming nervous activity. This can make a person feel calm and give him or her sense of wellbeing.   Supplements that help with sleep health





How Does GABA Help?

Without GABA, nerve cells fire too often and too easily. Anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, seizure disorders, and numerous other conditions including addiction, headaches, Parkinson’s syndrome, and cognitive impairment are all related to low GABA activity.   I read a good example which helps to understand this effect is caffeine. Caffeine inhibits GABA release. The less GABA, the more nerve transmissions occur. Think what too much coffee feels like: that is the sensation of excitatory neurotransmitters  without enough GABA.

GABA has also become a popular supplement in recent years. This is partly because it isn’t available from many food sources. The only foods that contain GABA are fermented ones, such as kimchi, miso, and tempeh.

GABA’s natural calming effect on the brain has led to countless claims about the use of GABA supplements to reduce stress. Too much stress is linked to poor sleep, a weaker immune system, and a higher risk of depression, among other things.


L-theanine is an amino acid which is not produced by the body but is found primarily in green and black tea and some mushrooms. It is thought to affect the levels of certain chemicals in the brain, like serotonin and dopamine, which help with mood, sleep and emotions which help the body deal with stress.  It is also said to improve mental focus and when taken before bedtime, it helps people to relax and get better sleep quality.Supplements that help with sleep health

On its own, L-theanine may improve a person’s attention and reaction times. When it is combined with caffeine, it may lead to improvements in their number skills and alertness. Caffeine is a stimulant, so it can help people stay alert and focused

Other Benefits

  • Weight Loss: L-theanine in green tea can create a savory taste, also known as umami flavor. Research suggests that umami flavors may reduce appetite, which often helps with weight loss.
  • Blood Pressure: L-theanine may help reduce stress, and a reduction in stress and increased relaxation can lower the heart rate. In turn, this may help lower blood pressure.
  • Stress & Insomnia:  Sipping on a hot cup of tea can help you feel at ease, and research suggests that it not only relaxes the mind, but it also does so without causing drowsiness.
  • Memory and thinking skills (cognitive function): Taking theanine might help healthy people stay focused on a task over long periods of time. It might also help people with lower thinking skills perform tasks that require them to find words in a specific category.

While there is some evidence that L-theanine could benefit people’s mental and physical health, more studies, especially on humans, are necessary before doctors can be sure of the actual effects of this compound.


Well, I first got introduced to Melatonin, many years back when we had a trip to Canada.  It seems that the time differences between UK and Canada, played havoc on my body clock!  For the first week over there I couldn’t sleep more than a couple of hours a night, and it got so bad, I was in tears a lot of the time.  My sister in law introduced me to Melatonin and wow, what a difference it made.supplements that help with sleep health





What is Melatonin

Melatonin is actually a hormone that occurs naturally in your body. It helps control our sleep patterns.  It’s produced by the pineal gland in the brain, but it’s also found in other areas, such as the eyes, bone marrow, and gut.  Unfortunately melatonin levels naturally decrease as you get older so you will find a lot of people over the age of 55 are prescribed Melatonin.  Melatonin itself won’t knock you out, it simply lets your body know that it’s night-time so you can relax and fall asleep easier.

How it Works

Melatonin’s main job in the body is to regulate night and day cycles or sleep-wake cycles. Darkness causes the body to produce more melatonin, which signals the body to get ready for sleep. Light then decreases melatonin production and signals the body to prepare for being awake. So often, for those people who have trouble sleeping, they have low levels of melatonin.  In these instances adding melatonin from supplements might help them sleep.  Melatonin also binds to receptors in the body and can help you relax, and reduce nerve activity.  It can reduce levels of dopamine, a hormone that helps you stay awake. It’s also involved in some aspects of the day-night cycle of your eyes.

Melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant, which may provide a variety of other benefits, such as

  • support eye health
  • treat stomach ulcers and heartburn
  • ease tinnitus symptoms
  • raise growth hormone levels in men

Exciting News

You can buy all three of these individually as supplements or you can try out the Sleep Health product which is launching on the 26th February 2021.  Sleep Health calms your mind and relaxes your body to help you naturally get to sleep faster and stay asleep.  With an exclusive bioactive blend featuring melatonin, L-theanine and GABA, Sleep Health helps you naturally fall asleep and stay asleep.  Sounds perfect right?!

Sleep Health benefits:Supplements that help with sleep health

  • Bioactive Blend featuring melatonin, L-thianine and GABA
  • Helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep*
  • Promotes more restful sleep*
  • Assists with establishing regular sleep patterns*
  • Calms your mind and body*
  • Mint-flavour chewable tablets
  • Naturally sweetened with sorbitol, xylitol and stevia

When you’re not getting enough sleep, it can take a toll on your health and your ability to keep up with daily tasks. With this exclusive bioactive blend,Sleep Health is set to help you have a full nights sleep you need.  Either follow this link for more info, or click on the picture to take you straight to the site to order.

Its a pleasure 😉

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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  1. I have been looking into sleep aids for a while but don’t want to feel hungover from the over the counter ones. I wake up feeling awful!! I am really excited to try this

    • Sue, I think this is going to be a game changer for a lot of us. I am forever trying out different things to help with my sleep as I have such a bad sleep pattern, and I think that this whole covid situation seems to have made it worse too, so I am super excited for this product to launch 🙂 Let me know how it works for you doll when you get to try it 🙂 xxx

    • I think it’s going to be an awesome product, with these three main ingredients it really is going to be a welcome relief for a lot of people out there 👌 looking forward to hearing how you get on m’dear 🤔🤗


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