How to Prepare For Success

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Today I wanted to chat to you about how to prepare yourself for success.  It sounds silly doesn’t it to say you need to prepare yourself for success, but actually, you know that old saying, be careful what you wish for, well its true, you really do have to prepare to pay the price.

Who doesn’t want to be successful ….

So really who doesn’t want to be successful, most people want to be successful in their own business,  or trade, and in their professional lives, everyone has the ambition to be the best at something to be successful right.  People also want to be rich and have money in the bank and strive to work hard.

How to Prepare For Success

But not many people know what it takes to be successful, the price of being successful, and they haven’t done the work to prepare themselves for what they wished for.  For something to change you would have had to have gone through some pretty tough times and gotten rid of a lot of baggage.  When you wish for something, for success, the universe conspires to give that to you, by taking away what your life currently is – your life changes as you will need to work harder, and will have challenging situations along the way.  You can’t be the best if you haven’t been through the worst right.

You will need to rise to the level of your ambition.  You will be tested, and you can’t be the best of you without being tested.  How bad do you want this wish of yours….  So I am going to give you a few tips on how to prepare yourself for success, for what it is that you wished for.

Know your why …

So firstly, check your reasons – know your why.   Is it the right reason you want this success for?  What is  your why?  Your How to Prepare For Successwhy needs to be so powerful within you, it is what is in your heart.  Will your why make you happy and fulfilled.  You have to know that it is what you truly want, that you have a passion for it and you are not doing it for someone else.  Changing your life takes commitment.  If you are going to work for yourself your whole lifestyle is going to change and your mindset needs to change too.  The people around you need to change, you can’t be surrounded by negative people.  If you are on this journey for the wrong reasons then  you are going to feel empty which is not worth it.  You need to feel excited and passionate about it and the only way is to make sure that your reason, your why is powerful.

If you are just wanting money just to be rich then its not going to work as you will never be satisfied and you will always be wanting more.  It will never be enough because it doesn’t have any meaning to it.  Do you ever wonder why some people who have all the money in the world, are still not happy….  They don’t have reason, or a purpose, a why

Apply due diligence…

The next way is to apply diligence – recognise the value of hard work.  Have the skills, or master the skillsHow to Prepare For Success you need to make improvements every day.  Aim for excellence and not perfection.  Excellence comes from hard work and hard knocks or failures.  You learn from them to get to a level where nothing shocks you.  Perfection does not help you learn, and will not help you move forward, it will probably keep you at a stand still.   You need to learn from your mistakes.

Ready your mindset …

Then finally, protect your mindset.  You have to learn to be still, be quiet in your own mind.  You need to shut out all the chaos, the noise and you need to trust yourself.  During these times of trying to be successful you will end up doubting yourself along the way and wonder if its all worth it.  Determine your values and stick to them.  Remind yourself why you are doing it.  You will never be successful if your mind doesn’t accept this as the new  you.

Lets get successful …

Basically all three of those tips relate to your mindset as that is where the biggest change is going to take place.  Learn to train your mind to accept the new you.  Throw your egos out the door.  Its all about rewiring whats in your head.

Being successful doesn’t only change your reality, it also changes you, so prepare for a life of big improvement, and living with passion.  How to Prepare For Success

So remember, check that you are doing it for the right reasons and that your why is so powerful, apply diligence and know the value of hard work, aim to improve every day. And protect your mindset.  People are going to say all sorts of things to you which will have you doubting.   Learn to shut out all the noise.

So lets prepare ourselves and get successful in life.

Chat soon

Debs x

2 thoughts on “How to Prepare For Success”

  1. Everybody wants success. But many of us mistake our desire for cash mean success. I love the way you put it – want money, it is not going to work, you will never be satisfied. The desire to have cash cannot be satisfied. rather, success starts with building the right mindset. Build relevant skill and applying them to work and diligence like you right identified. This is a honest must-read for anybody above 18 years old 

    • Hi Owoeye, thanks a million for reading this blog too, I am glad you enjoyed it.  I don’t think people realise quite how important mindset is with everything in life.  Getting that right then you are set for life and will be prepared for anything that is sent your way 🙂  Have a great day and all the best wishes

      Debs 🙂


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