Collagen – Powdered vs Liquid

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Collagen - Powdered vs Liquid

DID YOU KNOW ….. The word collagen comes from the Greek word “kolla” (glue) and it holds the body together.  Its the most abundant protein in the body.  Its found in our connective tissues, bones, tendons, ligaments, hair, skin and even nails.  Collagen is literally found everywhere in our body and is known as the “triple-helix” molecule with the tensile strength of steel.

Types of Collagen

There are many different types of collage, but our body is made up of primarliy types I, II and III. The strongest and firmest, collagen type 1 is the most abundant collagen in our body and can be found in almost every tissue.

Collagen II is found in our cartilage and its the one responsilble for presenting joint discomfort.

Type III is found in the reticular fibre, which provides structure to the liver, marrow and spleen.  Thus, organ and gut health is a lesser known benefit of supplementation but very important nonetheless.

Only our patented and clinically proven liquid collagen/HA (hyaluronic acid) matrix – Liquid BioCell – replaces all three types of collagen that your body loses with age.  Unfortunately from the age of 30, collagen production gradually decreases as we age. By the time we are 50, collagen production is reduced by half. Since we are losing collagen, all of us should consider replacing this important protein in our body.

This is what the right collagen can do for you ….Collagen - Powdered vs Liquid

• Improve joint mobility and lubrication
• Decrease skin dryness
• Reduce joint discomfort
• Increase healthy cartilage & connective tissue
• Longer, healthier hair and nails
• Helps with gut health

So why take Liquid collagen versus powdered collagen?

Most cheap  powder collagens are unrecognisable by the body and/or have extra barriers to absorption such as coatings and capsules.  They are from inferior sources like marine/shellfish or cows and pigs with high molecular weight and are unhydrolised.  They do not come in a naturally-occurring matrix along with antidioxidant rich delivery system.

Here are the reasons to consider …

  • Taking powdered Collagen is just wasting your money.  Powdered collagen has to be broken down to be digested. All of that takes place in the gut. Typically only about 30% of the nutrients in powdered form are actually absorbed! The liquid collagen supplement I use, approximately 90% of the nutrients are absorbed. The absorption begins in the mouth, which is why this is the case.
  • Hyaluronic Acid. If you are taking a powdered supplement, does it have Hyaluronic Acid (HA)? Hyaluronic acid is the literal sponge of our body. HA is what HOLDS MOISTURE in every cell of our bodies. We actually stop making HA after we are born. That’s why babies skin is so supple and soft. As we age, the moisture in ourCollagen - Powdered vs Liquid skin and fluid in our joints, continues to decline. The only way to reverse this is to replace HA. With the liquid collagen supplement I take there is a 6,000% increase in hyaluronic acid after 28 days!
  • Your body will recognize this liquid collagen supplement as your own. The size of the collagen molecule in powders is typically much larger than our own. It’s important that the body recognizes it as it’s own and USES it! The supplement I have been using – Liquid BioCell – has been created via a patented process to mirror the connective tissue in your body and makes it possible for our bodies to take it up and use it like our own.

My advice …

Honestly, there is NO comparison between what liquid collagen offers compared to a powdered collagen. Period.
Do your own research, as we all should, but I highly recommend liquid versus powdered collagen

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