3 Ways to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

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New Year, New you, how many times have you said this to yourself and how many times have you heard this said by so many others!  I personally have said this to myself so many times but never seem to be committed enough to follow through past the first couple of weeks, but its time to change this!  As I am rapidly approaching the big 50 I am more aware of the fact that I am not feeling my best physically, mentally and emotionally and as I approach 50 I am more conscious that I need to start making changes now.  My biggest problem in mainaining  the momentum for the new year new me sentiment is that I think I tend to go all in at once.  Set myself on a strict diet and doing really tough workouts daily, as you can imagine, its a recipe for burnout pretty quick.  So this time I am trying a different tactic and I’ve set myself 3 ways to live a healthier lifestyle which can gradually be expanded  on to be a

way of life.  Start small…. aim big.

  1. Change your diet
  2. Cleanse and Detox
  3. Revitalise and Rejenerate

Change your diet

Do you find that you are feeling constantly tired, lacking energy and focus?  Then maybe its time to give your diet a shake up!  As you start heading towards your 50’s your metabolism starts to slow down and what you used to eat 3 Ways to Live a Healthier Lifestylepreviously, takes longer to convert to energy.  Also, if you have hectic lives, often its just so much easier to eat food on the run, easy to reach foods which tend to be higher in sugars, which give you that quick boost of energy but you end up feeling even more tired.

Its time to stop fueling your body with toxic foods, and unhealthy sugars and to start having a diet high in nutrients that improve your physical condition, your brain function and immune system.  As we age we need food which is higher in protien, Omega 3 fatty acids, dietary fibres, calcium, magnesium and potassium.  So that is a diet high in vegetables, fruit, nuts, fish, lean meats, beans and healthy fats like Olive oils.

Cleanse and detox

So, I go back to my question to you in the last paragraph on changing your diet… do you constantly feel tired, lacking in energy, and added to that, achy joints brain fog, headaches and actually the list can go on with these unwanted feelings.  Then its time to get rid of all the toxins that are running riot in our bodies.  These toxins are picked up from pollutants in the air, synthetic chemicals, sugars and processed foods.

There are so many benefits to detoxifying your body3 Ways to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

  • You feel better
    You lose weight
    You stop the cravings
    Can even eliminate food sensativities

There are also many different options to detox, ranging from drinks (click here for my favourite go to monthly detox drink), teas, and even totally eliminating sugar and processed foods.  You can find various good detox diets online and you will be amazed at how amazing your will feel, you’re energy will increase, your sleep and mood will improve.  So detoxing is definitely in my top 3.

Revitalise and Rejenerate

So not only do we have to fuel our body with optimal nutrition, we also need to increase the circulation and posture in our bodies.  Physical activity is not only good for our circulation, but it increases the endorphins – those happy hormones in your brain.  Exercise has so many benefits and can reduce the risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease and strokes to name a few.  I know at the moment it is difficult to go to gyms in our current climate but you are not limited to gyms for fitness…  You can take brisk walks outside, go for a jog or run in your local park.  There are plenty of exercise videos online, on YouTube, which you can follow, so really no excuses.

3 Ways to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Its not just physical we need to focus on, its also our mindsets.  Nurturing your emotional well being is one of the most powerful ways to be healthy.  Try starting off your day with either a bit of meditation, or listening to an uplifting motivation
podcast.  Maybe even just a bit of reading.  Gratitude, you have no idea how incredibly powerful it is if you practice gratitude throughout the day, it helps you keep focussed on thinking positive.

So, are you joining me?

So there you have it, my three top tips to living a healthier lifestyle.  Should you choose to join me in this new way of life, I think you will not only achieve a healthier physical body, but also you will have a healthier and happier way of living.  I would love to know if you have some good tips we could add to this healthier new lifestyle, pop them in the comments below.

Lets do this guys!

Debs x

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