3 Ways to help double your energy

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So Let’s talk about ways to help double your energy…. With fatigue being a common complaint heard by Dr, it would help if we learn to manage potential fatigue. And whilst its impossible to function at top speed from dawn till dusk, you can replenish yourself with the following simple strategies. These strategies address three types of energy, those being physical, emotional and mental …

So let’s look at physical energy

Think of your physical energy as your super source as it provides the foundation of all other dimensions of3 Ways to help double your energy energy. If your physical needs are not being met, you are hungry or tired, or haven’t moved your body for a while, then you are not going to function at your best. So although it seems counter intuitive, getting up and moving around when you hit that midday or mid-afternoon slump, is often the best way to recharge. Research has shown that a brisk 20-minute walk provides an energy lift for up to 3 hours. As you move, you’re supplying your brain and body with revitalizing oxygen and triggering the release of brain chemicals, like endorphins and dopamine. Plus, the more you move, the more energy you’ll have to stay active.

Then there is your emotional energy

Emotions like happiness and love can lift us up, while others like sadness and worry create apathy and sap our energy. With a few of the simple strategies, you can tip the balance toward positive feelings so you can tap into their power throughout the day. Find purpose in what you do. When you’re motivated to do something because you find it meaningful, you’re more energetic and engaged rather than doing it only because you have to. Shift your mindset around what you are doing. Surround yourself with positive people. They’re the ones who encourage you to grow, listen to you, make you laugh, and want what’s best for you.

3 Ways to help double your energy

Stress also zaps your energy. When your body and mind is stressed, your nervous system is revved up and it churns out cortisol, and you burn more energy than when you are calm. Stress makes you irritable, which makes you more likely to see things in a negative light, it can also cause tension with loved ones, and may leave you feeling worn out. An Instant stress reducer is to Close your eyes, slow your breathing, take a deep breath in for the count of 4 and release it to the count of 6. Keep doing that till you can feel yourself calming down.

The third one is your mental energy

Sometimes we need to just give our brain a break! The brain uses more energy than any other organ does. Whether you’re doing your work or doing a crossword puzzle, nerve cells are relaying electrical signals3 Ways to help double your energy which are using up a surprising amount of energy. Mental tasks burn glucose and oxygen just like physical ones do so the more deeply you concentrate, the more quickly you deplete energy. Our brains flow naturally through cycles of high to low alertness every 90mins, so you should try to get up from where you are, go for a walk, or if you are at work, get up and get a tea or coffee, just take a break from what you are concentrating on.

Another thing, make sure your work life and your home life are separate. I know in times of Covid its difficult as a lot of people are now working from home, but then that’s even more important to make sure you switch off your work at a specific time of day, and not think about it or deal with it until the next day when you are due back. It is important to try to restore the energy that we have used during the day.

So those are just some simple ideas of tackling potential fatigue or rather preventing potential fatigue. If you often feel tired its often worth taking a look at your lifestyle and seeing what healthy changes you can make to boost your energy levels. Don’t wait till you need to visit the Dr for more intense treatments, give yourself a fighting chance…

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4 thoughts on “3 Ways to help double your energy”

  1. Nice article on doubling energy. In recent times, with the shift to work from home concept fatigue and tiredness has increased. Short breaks of tea/coffee or enjoying a lunch break are missing. Such breaks used to be a source of energy and provided the required motivation to finish your day on a high. 

    I am personally suffering mental stress every day and have to survive on pills. The information in your article will help me overcome my stress and enjoy my work. As you have correctly highlighted, it takes not more than 30 minutes to rejuvenate and energize yourself to avoid fatigues and stress. Thanks for sharing! 

    • Hey Arif, I am so sorry you are suffering mental stress.  It is so hard at the moment with the covid pandemic going on.  You absolutely need to make sure that you try and take substantial breaks from your work, whilst you are working from home.  Also, make sure you switch off at the time you would normally leave work, when you were actually in the office, and do something completely away from the subject of work in the evenings.  Try get yourself outside in the fresh air as much as possible.  Take lots of care of yourself Arif, hopefully this pandemic will slow down and let us get back to some form of normality again.  Best wishes

  2. I like your explanation of the three types of energy. We usually only think about the physical kind, but emotional and mental energy is just as important. From my experience, emotional energy can literally sap the other two types of energy faster than anything else. Taking care of one’s energy levels is very important.

    • Absolutely Al, taking care of our emotional and mental energy will most certainly help us maintain our physical energy too 🙂  Thanks for taking the time to read this article 🙂 


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